We need a resurrection

If you were ever a little fashion punk (like I was) you remember countless hours hand piercing your clothing with pyramids, or hand sewing patches on your jackets. Or trading your Billy Idol button for a Stiff Little Fingers button. Or wrapping your feet in tape because your Grinders Just. Would. Not. Wear. In. I've been identifying with my roots lately. I always liked punk fashion as The Great Equalizer. It never mattered that I got my tights at a discount store or saved for my boots forever because that's exactly what every other punk was emulating even when they were spending $800 on an outfit without blinking an eye. I loved that like you cannot believe. A whole subculture of fashion that was completely accessible to me, a place I could blend and be comfortable. I veered away from that as I started to have my own income and started to be more okay with me and the people around me. But I'm feeling some of the beauty in going back to roots. So, inspired by a post about a button maker I read on K, here's my punk jacket.


Front and back:

Apr 15, 2011

As you can see, I kept it kind of simple for a punk. Mainly because my outfits were kind of outlandish and because I had to walk through a kind of difficult neighborhood everyday and I didn't want anyone to hassle me because they thought I was in a gang. (This was a real concern for me where I grew up. I was walking home from the subway with some of my nerdy friends and some people actually thought we were trying to infringe on their turf. Try reasoning with young gang members trying to establish their toughness.) I don't know what I'm doing here:



  1. I not only love your jacket, but everything around you. What a rich fabulous wold full of interesting things.
    I love the table, but it would be a little bit complicated to move from N.Y. to south of Sapin, hehheeh.
    Are you In FACEBOOK????

  2. Love the girl scout patch! It rocks!

  3. I remember those Pure/Evil girls. I had them in a folder of tattoo inspirations!

  4. Great topic, great photos and love that jacket

  5. I couldn´t have said it any better. I never go back for answers to the same blog or it will be for ever.


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