Two looks, one necklace

So I got this awesome necklace that I'm in love with from Atlantis Dry Goods. I have an awful lot of fairly large necklaces and this one fits right in, don't you think?

so I resigned myself to drink

I like that I can flip the top section inward or outward and give it a different look.

(on Enstyle)

I'm also in love with this belt with penguins on it but I won't be affording anything like that until the Hubbs is free and clear of Law school and making money that we can throw on the bed and roll around in.

Remember that time I showed you my boots chillin' in the freezer? Well, they were full of bags of water turning into ice. That was supposed to make them magically bigger but really just made them wonderfully cold. What DID make my boots magically bigger was putting them in a bathtub with hot water. The internet told me to put them on my feet and put them in hot water and walk around in them until they dried but I was having none of that. I put some nice, sturdy shoe stretcher thingies in there, made with the wet, pushed the shoe stretchers in a little more firmly, and left them to dry. Magic cheatingness of the very best kind! I don't need to suffer to show how hardcore I am.

My shoes in weird places, trying to grow big and strong.

I love how clean my tub looks there. (It wasn't.)


  1. Does this mean that those boots will not longer be taking up space while I am trying to bathe?

  2. Ahahahaha, I will have to find space for them in the closet instead of the bathtub, dear husband.

    (I confess that Eric sometimes has to suffer to show how hardcore I am.)

  3. Haha, I just adore you my dear, your sense of humor and your charisma are infectious. I love that necklace it is perfect on you, and the boots are killa cool! Image of you and the hubbs rolling on the bed in money was funny too lol Thank for the grins :) I'm juggling a lot of things atm, but soon I'll try to do a blog at least every now and then, you inspire me!

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  4. That necklace is ahhhmazing! And way to go with the cheatingness!

  5. @Kelley - Thanks so much. That's such a lovely thing to say.

    @Adiel - I know, right?! (On both counts.)


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