Say my name, sun shines through the rain



I wore this to appointments all day, then amped up the makeup and wore it to drinks with friends (celebrating a birthday) at Amsterdam 106. I'm not normally much of a bangle person (though I obviously own plenty of them!) but somehow the linen pants and beachy colors demanded many bangles. I really wanted to find my dark wood bangle and couldn't figure out where I put it. I think it would have been that little something extra.


The top is by Japanese brand Aoyama Itchome and the shorts are another one of my Forever 21 Japan Relief purchases. This was not intentional but I like it.


There's my JessLC chevron bracelet in a detail shot. Hooray! Also, wood, Bakelite, metal. Wouldn't it be nice if my wedding band was facing forward so you could see it? Devil's in the details and all. I had originally intended this outfit a bit more monochromatic:



But the top has a big cutout in the back right where the band of my bra hits. So I tossed the other on top.

Outfit details
  • Aoyama Itchome top, from a tag sale - $8
  • Forever 21 beige linen shorts - $15.80
  • asos socks - about $5
  • Armand Basi sandals, hand-me-downs - $0
  • necklace, tag sale - $12
  • Dolce & Gabbana bag, gift - $0
  • JessLC bracelet, with a nice discount code - $36
  • assorted bangles, various tag and estate sales - about $10 total
  • Cartier Love bracelet, inherited
Do you get dressed up just to hang out with friends like I do? I don't think it's necessary all the time, every time, but I do like to use my clothes to say I care.


  1. Wait, your clothes talk to you? SHould I be concerned?

  2. LOL @ Eric!

    Lovely outfit m'dear!

  3. Absolutely.
    I adore your ensemble and the way you add character with your bangles and that magnificent necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Oh wow love it. Just adore your taste and your swagger ;=P

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  5. I agree! It's nice to put thought into an outfit even just for hanging out with friends. I totally love your accessories collection! I'm a huge fan of wearing as many bracelets as possible at one time. :) The bangles and socks "pop" beautifully in the monochrome outfit, but tie in nicely with the colorful top (which is SO pretty!).


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