Recent Loot in My Life

A friend of mine who watches all of those "American Pickers" types of shows likes hearing about this world from the inside. So this post is dedicated to him!

We had a sale in Nesconset this weekend. Insane amounts of gold jewelry and good thing, too, because how you get to Nesconset is you take the Northern State to the end and then you keep going for a while. And the community was gated and nothing turns off people who love being anonymous like having their license plates written down.


Here's the things I bought at this sale. Some awesome books:


Some movies:


Carl Perkins! The Last Waltz! Two vests and a rabbit fur coat:


Yes. I know that that cat vest is nutso. Leather pants, and other stuff:


Hopefully, I'll be able to get the hanger imprints out. That fuzzy, crazy-patterned thing is actually legwarmers that I bought for someone I know on the internet who wears lots of legwarmers. It's possible this someone will think I'm a crazy person and not want to give me her address but they were a dollar so what the heck (is what I said). This amazing bag:


I've become obsessed with drawstring bags somehow. I don't know when this happened. Maybe I've always been obsessed with them. Maybe the Renaissance book made me think of it.

There haven't been a lot of yard sales yet, but here are some things I got at some other sales this season:


I know. I needed another camera like I needed a hole in the head. But let me distract you with the cookie cutters. Aren't they cute and sweet? Both for $1. I also went to a sale with a bunch of taxidermy animals. These people were committing highway robbery and they had already sold almost everything in the house before anyone was even let in (which is not fair play) but there was plenty of taxidermy and it was all very well done. These people conducting the sale were weird so I felt odd taking pictures but I did manage one:


There was a fox dressed as Robin Hood which it took all of my willpower not to buy. Good thing Hubbs was there to say "nay." The stuffed animals were the only things that were actually reasonably priced but they weren't so reasonably priced I was allowed to get one.


  1. You have access to the coolest stuff! I love it!

  2. The secret is just being out there every weekend! :) Sometimes you get nothing good for three weeks and then you get 60 things at once.


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