Goethe and other loot

Home from a very successful sale, about to turn in early but here's what I got!

A pair of pants by Supply & Demand and a top by What Comes Around Goes Around:

photo 4


photo 2

The Goethe books are two in a three-book collection but I just really liked them. Looks like I need to learn some German. And by some I mean a lot.

photo 3

I also got a cute little table I'll get around to showing you once I clean it up good. Here I am during the course of the sale:


As you can probably tell, there's nothing left in this room. Pretty much all of the rooms looked like this by the end of the day. That's what I call awesome. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!


  1. Nice, love that top can't wait to see it on you

  2. Nice finds! The Goethe books look like they just might be worth learning German. ;) Cute outfit!!!

  3. Should have bought the Rosetta Stone German Language program when Border's was liquidating


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