Mixing my favorite loves

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my good Kaboodle friend lavabunny.


Good thing I've mastered the one-handed shot. We first met in real life at the Kaboodle meetup and it was great fun getting to hang one-on-one. We went to a cute place lavabunny picked, Rocking Horse Cafe, which had the important distinction of not caring if we sat there for hours.
Also I sat next to pretty flowers.

see through

After that we went on a mini journey through Chelsea working on a project I made up for myself. I asked one of the people at my second favorite site,, to send me some stickers to put up around NYC and he did! I'm a street team!

We built this city on...

Yeah, it was kind of a windy day yesterday, so hair fail. I love this face:


I didn't wear my jumping shoes (and probably couldn't jump very high, anyway) but luckily my partner in crime did.

touch the sky

Naturally, when you walk around the city brandishing a camera like a maniac, you run into other characters. This guy is so sad he hasn't joined yet:

He's so sad he hasn't joined yet.

I let him keep a sticker and he felt better.

new made friends and Muni meters have a lot in common.

The title of this picture is a reference to a private joke in the forums: calling, someone wants to trade your Brooklyn Bridge for a box of mac 'n cheese.

Just to be clear: I'm not being compensated to tell anyone I love these sites. I do this exclusively because I love them and recommend them based on personal use.

Here's some detail shots on what I wore to lunch:


cruisin together



You can befriend me on Kaboodle here and on here. :)


  1. Jealous!!! I love this dress/cardi combo. Lookin' gooood.

  2. Thats so cool your near a K friend! I wish I could meet a bunch of my friends on Kaboodle!

  3. Too fun! Sounds like a blast! That necklace is beautiful!

  4. You forgot to mention yummy Margarita for boozy lunch-- that was the criteria of restaurant picking--- not flora. I showed up looking slouch and you were gorgeous and glam head to toe. Next time I'm pulling out the stops. Also everyone please notice her shoes as they were the most fabulous I have seen in a long whiles. So much fun-- must do it again and soon (before blood alcohol level becomes dangerously low).

  5. You're too much fun, really enjoyed this post and you rock that look! Sound like a fun lunch ladies :)

  6. @Drea - All in good time, right? I think they're planning on doing more if they can in the future.

    @Lavabunny - Good point! It was about the margs. Which were yummy. You look great no matter what you do.

    Thanks, ladies!

  7. Ali, omg where did you take these photos? It's absolutely AMAZING. A-MAZ-ING.

    And, you look fantastic.

    Also, love that you and @lavabunny are hanging out! So great! :) Looks like you gals had an amazing time! :)


  8. @Melissa - At a place called Rocking Horse Cafe, around Chelsea, and in my apartment! Thanks - we had a lot of fun. :)


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