God gave rock and roll to you

God gave rock and roll to you

I felt like wearing black lipstick today. This whole outfit grew out of my desire to wear black lipstick like the distraught young goth I used to be many moons ago. It's by Illamasqua in case you were wondering, gentle reader. I didn't have Illamasqua many moons ago.

third leg

I was given the shoes by an awesome cousin. They're not my usual style but they're very well made and I'm digging them. She paid 500-something bucks for them and never really wore them so someone should get some use out of them and that someone is currently me.

Springtime in Gotham

I found this dress in a smelly room in a smelly old house while out hunting at other people's tag sales for jewelry to buy. It's one of about three things in the house that didn't smell and it's like they were all left there just for me! So now I have them.

kriss kross'll make ya make ya make ya

The vest is something I felt rabidly excited about and had to have almost the minute I saw it. I was in the middle of saving and buying for my wedding and shouldn't have been buying yellow and pink cashmere vests but, well, I did buy this one. Let the flogging begin.

healthy body sick mind

I used to have a very large area rug in this room and it covered up that tape mess that a previous tenant left which I can't for the life of me seem to remove. Anyone know how to remove tape gunk left by previous tenants from hardwood?

Here's my shoes (and another pair!) in bed:


And here's my shoes in the freezer:

Docs on ice

It's been that kind of day here. Pricing and wherefrom details on lookbook:


  1. Loving this! I owned black lipstick once upon a time but could never gather the courage to wear it out of the house. A few weeks ago I bought a dark dark dark purple... that I will also probably never wear haha.

    That vest is so fabulous.

  2. Thank you! You know, it took me a while to find I liked how black lipstick looked on me during the day. So what I did is I started out by wearing it to things I went to at night, where it was often totally appropriate. It's also easier to not feel like it's too much if you don't pair it with too much else at once, you know? Which is hard for me because I'm very much a too much at once kind of person. Anyway, in the magical land where I get to dress you one day, we will make an outfit that works with darkest dark purple lips! ;)


Let's dance.