Hubbs was holding out on me


I was throwing something in the garbage and I found this intriguing empty container inside. I pulled it out and called Hubbs to ask wtf was he doing hiding possible delicious from me.

And it turned out that, actually, he was hiding MEGA DELICIOUS FROM ME!!! He volunteered to go straight to the grocery store from work to pick me up one of my own as contrition. (And, really, because he wanted to get another for himself.)


He called me from the store and I chose Sea Salt Caramel. Amazing. And full of an insanely large amount of fat in a small amount of foodstuffs. It's right up there with Nutella on the fat scale. But so very worth every bite. The Sea Salt Caramel tastes warm and comforting and cold and refreshing ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And I'm a big fan of these containers. Totally keeping them and putting stuff in them.

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