Dead Stella's Necklace

I carry my penis on a string

So. We are horrible people who nickname our sales. We have "The Dead Lady's House," "Rrrichard's House," "The Crazy Fucking Dog House," "The One With the Lalique." But first. There was "Dead Stella's House." Dead Stella's House is a sale GCTS did long before I came along. It was one of those rare houses where a ton of money was made and a ton of things were bought.


This ivory and sterling penis necklace is something I inherited from Dead Stella's House. It's like Ronnie bought it knowing I'd come along one day. It takes a unique personality to wear a you-know-what on a string. (I don't want to use the "p" word enough times that I end up in the wrong searches.) Anyway, I love jewelry with realistic and semi-realistic human anatomy on it. Things that I find awesome about this necklace are: it has the hole carved into the tip and it appears to be circumcised. I have to wonder whose it was.


How I intended to wear this was out contra dancing in Brooklyn for a friend's birthday. But snow issues put the kibosh on that. So I wore this watching Sports Night at home.

Dress is from "The Dead Lady's House" (very sad possible suicide story with a nickname in completely poor taste because that's how we roll), $5. Necklace is from a tag sale we did for the owner of a boutique on LI, $10. Earrings from a sale in Brookville, $15. White bracelet from a yard sale in Plainview, $2. Faerie tights by Anna Sui from Marshall's, $2. Boot socks from Target, $6. Boots were my wedding shoes, around $70.


  1. I love your penis! :D

    Gotta admit, it's a great line to be able to say to you :D

  2. ag - I gotta admit I like hearing it. ;)


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