My New Apartment, What I'm Wearing, and Other Sundries

I've had a busy summer and done you wrong, beloved blog-world. I didn't feel like doing much of anything after Lace Cat died and stuff that wasn't business fell to the wayside. I still miss her sorely but I got some plants in her honor and keeping Arsenic from getting depressed has taken all of my extra attention so I've been doing some healing on the side.

We're getting a little more settled into the new apartment and I even took some pictures of some of it. Someone new moved in across the hall and I think all the roaches in the building must have been living there because some started appearing the very day they moved in. We're bug-bombing ASAP but that's always a pain to coordinate when you're a cat-household. Or apartmenthold.

Here's my much-coveted offering stand in its new home.
The wings are getting hung above it eventually. Since it's religious imagery that's my thing more than religion itself, I've been loading it up with religious icons of ANY kind. I like how it looks without the votives in it so I've been waiting until I find the exact perfect ones before I load it up. I don't want red for it and I'm not sure if I should go with blue or clear or what. Opinions?

Here's my Thomasville bookcase.
It's full of all my television seasons, stuff up for trade, and lots of bric-a-brac. I'm never satisfied unless every spot is covered. ;) Say "hi" to Arsenic.

This is where Eric and I will be eating.
Ideally, I want a Ralph Lauren mirrored table there but this does the trick for now. And I love the colors! We've progressed past this level of mess but I haven't snapped an updated shot yet.

Here's the media/work area.

It's not easy keeping all of my books and DVDs confined to two bookshelves. So I also stick books anywhere there's an open hole for them.

Here are some random detail shots.

And, finally, here's what I'm wearing today.

My underwear are the only pieces that aren't secondhand.


  1. The place looks awesome, and you look awesome.

  2. Heey, welcome back! I missed you :)
    Crazy home in a good way of course. I can imagine it takes a lot of time to keep it clean, no? :) But the overall look is very inspiring. I love when the home reflects the owners dress style and vice versa :)

  3. @Jesse - Thank you. I fully expect you to come visit one day!

    @Ag - I have missed you, too! You've been doing some really great stuff while I've been gone. Ever since they came out with these things called Swiffer Dusters, it's been a lot easier to keep the dust off of everything. But I wasn't born a tidy person so keeping everything comfortably cluttered instead of a total mess is never easy for me. Thank you for the compliment!

  4. I love it! It looks like you really have the new place together, and new awesome stuff I have to come see and covet at some point.

    Also, I love that outfit, particularly the top, you look great.

    I miss you

  5. @Sasha - Thanks! Our lease on the Sentra is almost up and once we buy the new car and get some mileage on it I may be able to come visit more often than never. Looks like you've been having some fun times up there!


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