Giant Owl Head + Life Stuff

My sister and our friend Matt were here for the weekend. (This means I tidied up my apartment a bit, so maybe I can get around to showing more of it!) We went to Rodeo Bar on Friday and I managed to consume just little enough strawberry margarita and just vast enough amounts of water that my allergy did not kick in. (I'm increasingly allergic to alcohol.) I had to pee like 12 times to make it happen but it was worth it.

Saturday we went to Coney Island. It's totally weird with only the Deno's arcade to play in but I do like how the layout of Deno's, which I normally only visited for the Wonder Wheel, reminds me of Ocean City's arcade area. Anyway. Plenty of skeeball was played and we tried to cash in all of our tickets for nothing but spiders but we were rebuffed with lots of hilarity.

This means I missed out on sale shopping on Saturday. It was totally worth it! Especially because Ronnie found me a couple of really awesome things. Sales abounded in major full effect and she found a bracelet for a couple of bucks on Saturday and turned it around for $250 the next day. That one thing pays for an entire season of sale shopping! The other week I found an Elsa Peretti Tiffany heart necklace for $1. And this, People, is why we keep up the hunt. Sometimes you have a day that makes up for all the countless days you find nothing.

Our sale on Sunday was in Roslyn and we debuted the new sign Ronnie had made:


Doesn't it look great? The other one was very much falling apart.

There was plenty of loot to be bought on Sunday, too. Here's mine!


I love the giant owl head pendant, the giant diamond shaped one and the ring with the orange egg most of all! The stuff Ronnie got for me on Saturday is mixed in here, too. I love the bracelet with the beetles on it to death.)


There are some really super awesome gloves in that box. I think I have like 100 gloves to list now, haha. That muddles pile on the left is a bunch of ties. I have a pretty decent amount of menswear now, too.


The shirt in the middle is Pucci and the one on the right is Ralph Lauren. I bought the RL for myself. I hope it fits.


That shirt on the right with the mutton sleeves is Christian Dior. And that blue thing is so awesomely weird. Those sleeves are almost as long as the whole dress and they bloom out crazy awesome when worn. I love the stuff like this that everyone else at a sale finds too weird.

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