Playing With Hats

Today I had some time to play around with some of my recent loot. I had gotten a bunch of hats at that Bethpage sale so I played around with them the most. But they're mostly black so they didn't exactly show up well off my hair. (I think Imma get me some wigs, guys.) Here's what I ended up wearing for the majority of the day:


I think the skirt (from Old Brookville) is pretty great.


But I also spent a fair amount of time like this:



The fedora would probably be favored by most people but it was a little too safe and easy for me. The cherry hat wasn't so odd in earlier decades but it's fairly offbeat and interesting now.

I was rarely able to pull off hats with the long hair so I'm pretty psyched to be able to wear hats at all. Here I am in a whole bunch of hats:


And here's a few closeups of some of the jewelry loot:


The train whistle is my favorite. There's something so nautical about it. And you know how powerless I am to resist the nautical stuff.

Extra view of the outfit with cherry hat at Lookbook, here:


  1. If it was the proper dimensions, the second fedora pic might just be my new computer background. I might use it anyway

  2. Thanks, babe. I could crop it to the waist but there probably wouldn't be enough res left to fill the screen. I can make you a landscape collage.

  3. def., And btw, why did you have to change before i got home?

  4. Well, my bum only just fits in the skirt so it wasn't comfy for the picture uploading, editing, tooling around the internets part of the day.


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