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Here's the link to my interview in the Kaboodle Dwell blog:

Check it out if you haven't already!


I had a really productive weekend. We visited a lot of estate sales and booked a lot of our own sales. Hooray!

While we were passing through Massapequa, Billy took us on a small detour to show us an interesting house he'd discovered at the end of Daniels Street, buried between low ranch after low ranch.


It has that lovely old ramshackle charm that Eric and I always fall in love with so I snapped a picture to show him. (He was slaving away in the library at school.) As we were driving away we noticed it had a historical home plaque so we resolved to look it up when we got home.

Apparently, they call it The Devil House and it's rumored to be haunted and inhabited by a devil-worshiping family! I hope some very awesome people live there and take all this nonsense in stride. I have big plans to trick-or-treat there this year and find out if the people who live there are as awesome as they should be. Otherwise I'm just going to have to buy their house from them some day.

Anyway. On to my loot!

Good amount of costume jewelry (and that ring with the blue stone is sterling and quite nice), almost all from one Saturday sale with really reasonable prices. A couple of animal pieces to satisfy my obsession. Especially loving the peacock.

Bags, all from that same sale.

I'm very thrilled about all the gloves in those two boxes. I didn't have a ton of time to check but they looked to be in great condition for their age. The wallet and the lucite bag are the only things here that didn't come from that same sale. I lucked out with that one. I've also been keeping an eye out for some menswear because it's extremely underrepresented on etsy. So the shoes were a great find.

All of this came from one Sunday sale. Our appointments took up all our time so we only made it to a couple of sales. Consultations are always more important than sale shopping and, fortunately, they panned out.

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