I bought so much stuff today...


That bag on the ground is full of stuff I bought. And so is the trunk. The lady in Bethpage from whom I bought all the jewelry/hats/bags pictured in this post called me to let me know they were having the sale again. So I went back for clothing. And more bags. And gloves. And shoes. Oh my. They gave me some great prices since I was clearing so much stuff out of the place. Hooray!

Eric is ready to kill me. Which is fair because OMG where am I going to put all this stuff until I get it sold? I do not know. He keeps whispering "hoarder" at me. It's a private joke of ours that we whisper hoarder every time someone does anything in excess. If someone puts a lot of ketchup on his hot dog, he's a ketchup Hoarder. If someone leaves too much space between his car and the car in front of his, he's a space Hoarder. And of course if a dragon sits on top of a pile of gold and rubies and stuff, he's totally a stuff Hoarder.

We also stopped in at a tag sale that we did a consultation on but didn't win (a very good thing, as it turns out). I was HORRIFIED to find the homeowner doing the money at the sale. If a company is spreading itself so thin that it has to employ the homeowners at their own sales, I think that's a terrible problem. A lot of companies are doing several sales in a day. They're getting their names in the paper a whole lot but I have to wonder what they think their reputation stands for if they're not even at their own sales. We like that when you hire us, us is what you get. Not a lifeless drone paid to sit at a house with very little goods all day. I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this. If someone agreed to run your tag sale, would you be happy with a stand-in? If you're a tag sale shopper, do you like seeing stand-ins? Do you get as ticked off as I do when you walk into a house that has hardly anything for sale?

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  1. I find myself eyeing things, trying to guess what's in the pile. What is green with white polka dots? Tell us more about your haul!


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