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I did an interview for the Dwell Blog over at my favorite site on the planet. I'll post a link after it's live. In honor of that, I thought it might be fun to show my love seats in the house I bought them in. Where we first fell in love.


It was in Manhasset. Manhasset is the home of the Miracle Mile and a whole host of other fancy schmancy older money haunts. I hang out there a lot because it's also where my favorite Daffy's is located. Anyway. The love seats called to me and I was moving into my current apartment and had tossed my old love seats.

Some great things about loveseats:
-they're smaller than couches and, therefore, easier to transport
-because they don't offer the same roomy seating, they're frequently less expensive than couches of the same quality
-they look darling and sophisticated and don't swallow up small spaces

One marginally related side note: I saw a gorgeous bench with matching fabric in that auction episode of the OC (commence OC eye-rolling on your own time!) and went on a five-second quest to make it mine before I realized that whoever owned it probably wouldn't give it up too cheaply. It would have been too matchy matchy and overwhelming in my NY-sized apartment, anyway./side note

I had just bought a brown rug with some moody turquoise accents at the Home Goods in Port Washington with which these love seats would look perfect. It was fate. It was also fate that I buy the eagle mirror above the mantel. And when someone wanted to buy only one of those matching vases on the end tables flanking the mantel, it was fate that I buy the other one. (If you've been doing a good job of stalking me on the internet, you've already seen the mirror and vase in this lookbook look.)

I also bought a pair of deep turquoise vinyl/wood footstools and my entryway ceiling fixture (fixture in the Manhasset house, here. It's extremely unusual for me to buy so much at one house, so you can imagine how massive the sale was and how singular the things were.


I was also completely in love with this antique carved table with matching carved footstools tucked underneath but it was WAY out of my price range. It did look lovely with the couches, though. Sigh.

The house was extremely outdated (see more pictures of it, here) and it was being knocked down by the buyer so EVERYTHING was for sale. We've had people dismantle cedar-lined closets and boilers and everything when houses were being demolished in the past. It's very interesting watching normals and contractors all rubbing elbows in the same house.

As you can probably imagine, if you like designer and antique furniture and can't afford their retail costs, tag sale shopping is one of the best ways to acquire some. I think it cost somewhere around $600 total for everything I got at that sale. I'd love to see some of your favorite bargain finds and hear how you came by them!

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