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I want to take a quick moment to share the link to an interview I gave at Ag Vintage:

A Cup of Tea with Ali...

I met Agejus on Lookbook a little while back and we've been fans of each other since. Check out the interview and argue with me, let me know what you think, look at some of Ag's looks, whatever!


Two things to note here: first, I changed my layout (thank you, blogger templates) so I'm trying out some larger pictures; second, I bought a crap-ton of stuff this weekend. Most of this came from one sale but there's stuff here and there from four or five.

I started out at a couple of total bust sales with ridiculous prices and not enough stuff for me in the Garden City area on Friday. Then I stopped at a big sale in Old Brookville with a ridiculous amount of cars, a long line and an extremely inefficient pricing/paying system. Lots of vintage, though, so I soldiered on and got a couple of things. I went to the Friday sales on a whim so I hadn't brought a lot of cash. That was fine because they weren't negotiating on prices. I got one pretty gown that needs a lot of work and an awesome whistle. The house was one of those junkers that was bought a long time ago and never fixed up. So it was a smelly mess but it was quite full.

As I was leaving Old Brookville, I snapped a picture of this guy:


He guarded my car while I was in the lion's den. Old Brookville is the kind of neighborhood where people have things like this outside their gates without looking tacky and over-the-top. Because they've got the big houses with the big gated perimeters.

Early Saturday I hit the real gold. My in-laws had been to a sale in Bethpage on Friday they thought would be perfect for me and we went back. I bought over 80 pieces of jewelry and the hats and bags. My favorite thing is a nice big jelly fish guy. He used to be a pin but he's broken. I think he wants to be a necklace, anyway. His name is Samuel.

We went to a ton of other sales on Saturday, focusing on farther east in St. James/Smithtown/Hauppauge, but most of them were a bust. Ronnie found some Minton plates and I found some beaded ties and a Spot Bot and nothing else of consequence.

On Sunday, Eric and I tried Astoria and Williamsburg. Oh God, guys. Never trying that again unless they are real indoor estate sales with excellent summaries of what's there. We went to one yard sale where the people claimed it was several people selling an entire five-year accumulation. There was a reasonable amount of clothing but the rest was, like, VHS and printer cords and books. In FIVE years, several people only accumulated 20 books. Half of the sales we went to weren't there. That's just plain rude and the people were very lucky they weren't there to receive the beatings they so richly deserved.

Eric and I stopped in at a sale in Flushing earlier today which was described as an estate sale selling the entire contents of a home. It was the upstairs of a two-family and there were two cartons with some food and junk in them. This sale is running for THREE DAYS. The amount of rage this fills me with is enough to inspire RANDOM fits OF caPItaLIzation.

Now the onerous work of absorbing everything I bought. Yikes.


  1. I want a house grand enough that a giant foo dog does not look rediculous at the base of the driveway.

    I also want a puppy

  2. puppy!

    (new layout is good for pics but feels less customized?)

  3. Speaking of puppies, I thought it was odd this foo dog had none. Maybe cuz he's a guardian.

    @Sasha - Thanks for the feedback. The other was a straight template and this is actually more customized but I definitely think it lacks the warmth of the other. Maybe if I make a banner it will look more "mine."


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