This Week's Finds

First of all, a big thanks to all the nice weather we've been having because that means sales! Eric and I went to a couple in the general New Hyde Park/Garden City areas, ran into some of our own customers and shot the breeze, made some purchases, had a leisurely lunch. All that good stuff. I didn't score a ton, but I'm happy with my scores.

Check out my jewelry loot from the home of a 92-year-old woman in Garden City:

And this jacket I got from a company-run estate sale in New Hyde Park:

I used crappy flash because my lighting was total poo this morning. But it's quite lovely and has an older ILGWU tag. Nothing else of consequence.

On a totally unrelated note, it's hard finding the perfect trashcan. I've been looking for months. Two days ago I was in the HomeGoods in Port Wash and found this:

(I told you my lighting was poo.) Anyway. IT'S PINK! And tin. And narrow. And tall. And lightweight. These were all features I was looking for. Well, except for the pink. My kitchen is not pink. The most important part is that it was only $25. Every other trashcan I found in vaguely the right size was at least $60. I may spray paint it red or blue one day but I have to rock the crazy pink trashcan for at least a little while.

Eric took the news of the pink trashcan extremely well. Add this to the list of reasons I love him.

We're talking about Ultimate Finds over at the tag sale blog so head on over and talk about yours!


  1. Beautiful haul! You know you're in the North when you call it a tag sale, right? At least, that's what my sister says -- she spent a year in Fort Edward, New York. Thank you for your very interesting comment on my blog, I'm really excited to try my no 'pooing experiment...


  2. @Julia - Thanks. It's so fascinating to hear what different names and practices people have for things in different places. I went to a few yard sales in Richmond – a whole different beast!


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