Signs of Life

Spent yesterday at my M-I-L's house, doing shop talk. Hooray! Appointments are slowly picking up again. I go on as many appointments as I can so I can learn the finer points of the biz and familiarize myself with the homeowner and the stuff I'll be selling before the sale date. The appointments go much more quickly when there's two of us, too.

We also set up a Facebook group. Please do join if you're in the NYC/LI area because we hope to share important sale information when the membership grows large enough.

It wasn't all work and no play dull Ali, though. I took advantage of the superior light and change of scenery to photograph more inventory. (Yes, I consider that play.) Here's some quick outfit shots Eric took for me:

sales 018

sales 031

sales 049

But I confess that half of this will end up for sale. I've become obsessed with wearing the things I'll be giving up shortly.

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