So, I haven't been up to much on the blog front. I do most of my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving so I've been busy with that and I can't show any of that because people getting gifts read this. But I did score an awesome new garbage find!

From Blogger Pictures
Found in Seaford, NY.

We were on our way home from Eric's parents' house after a sale and there it was. It barely fit into the car. But, hey. We fit that coffin thing in, so this was gravy. Some good clothing loot from the sale, by the way, so expect some outfit pictures soon.

Also, before the wedding I wrote some content for Debt Free Saver and now we got it in publishable shape. Check out parts 1 and 2 here and here, respectively!


  1. I LOVE that piece! Remind me to take pics of my free dining room set I scored from my grandma's house. It needs some work, but it has so much character!

  2. I am dying here, i need a new post


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