What It's Like to Have a Tag Sale Consultation, Part 1: Appointments

We've noticed that a lot of our homeowners have no idea what to expect at almost every step of the process. This is why they need us, but this is also why we sometimes need to beat our brains out trying to convey (with indoor voices!) how irrational some of their requests and beliefs are. So, for those homeowners who like to do a little research before they hire a tag sale coordinator, here's how it works with us. Every tag sale company is different, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect from one.

Making an appointment.
Our consultations are free, which is great for the homeowner, but which means we need at least a general idea what you have to make sure it's worth the trip to your house. If all you're selling is the sofa, be truthful about it. That's not enough for us to do a tag sale and you will not convince us to wait around all day to sell your one sofa, or even your six sofas. We can help you Craigslist it if you're really determined.

A lot of homeowners seem to think that if they can just get us there, they can convince us to do their sale. Let's think about this. Ronnie has to pay, at the bare minimum, one person to handle the money and one person to monitor traffic. Let's say your couch sells for $1,500. And that's reaching, by the way, no matter what you paid for it. Ronnie's non-negotiable commission is 25 percent. So she gets $375 and has to pay two people out of that. That's not realistic.

Appointment Schedule.
We do sales on weekends, with occasional Fridays or Mondays thrown in if there are community rules. So don't demand your appointment on a weekend. Ronnie is pretty flexible about meeting people and she will meet with people on a weekend if she doesn't have a sale, but expecting her to show up after a long day at a sale and get excited about your stuff is ridiculous. If you're moving, the best possible thing you can do for yourself is take a day off from work and really sort out what you're selling so you can show it. So show it on that day. Even if we can't take your sale, you've given yourself some time to mentally or physically sort through what needs to get packed and this will be really helpful when your closing date starts looming.


Next: Showing your house to a prospective tag sale company


Have any crazy stories about social gracelessness or thoughtlessness getting in the way of scheduling something with someone? I want to hear about it in the comments!

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