Wedding Interference

So my wedding is in just a few days. I have been doing lots of bargaining in relation thereto, and soon you can expect a special series about the ways I did that on my friend's blog: Debt Free Saver. In the meantime, I've been very spendy, including a few totally extravagant (aka not at all thrifty) purchases which I'll share with you post-wedding.


  1. I didn't know you were getting married! Congratulations!

    And I wore my vest today to school and it's official. We're getting married, too. Seriously though...I feel like Rachel Zoe when I wear that thing. I have no idea how you gave it up. :)

  2. Ooh! A wedding! We will definitely need to see photos!

  3. Thanks, Mer! I am so glad you like the vest. I gave it up because I simply have too many things and it was a little too big on me. Blast my having no boobs!

    K, you better believe there will be photos, related to the blog or not!

  4. Weddings, no matter how you budget, usually end up going over budget. Or maybe that was just me? Ha. It's your wedding. Sometimes it's okay to be spendy.

    OMG wedding! Two days!

  5. *Patiently waiting for a wedding post*

  6. lol.. I thought I'd wait for the photographer's pictures before I did one, but I guess I'll have to hurry it up!


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