Recent Purchases--And You Know What That Means

Okay, guys, so I totally have this one-in-one-out rule now. In a minute you're going to see all the new stuff I got. But all this new stuff means I had to go through my closets and bookshelves and nooks and crannies and pick out things to get rid of. And here's how I'm going to do that.

Internet Clothing Swap!
I want to organize one. And that means I need you and all the people you know to find out about this and consider entering the swap.

How It's Going to Work
Sign up in the comments, here, with the following information:
-Blog Name/Flickr Name/LJ Name/Where ever you choose to host your swap pictures
-Email address
-Estimated number of items available for swap
-Who referred you here (if I don't already know you)
-Location (you can be approximate, I just need an idea of where people are likely to ship things from, or whether they want to meet in person to do the swapping)

We aren't going to be doing this as an even swap; we're doing an everybody-in-everybody-claim-whatever swap, so you will need to be prepared to ship things to people (let's try to keep the fees as low as possible, please) unless they live near you and you want to trade in person. A few of my NYC-area friends have already expressed interest, so I think we'll definitely do a meet-up here.

What You Should Be Doing to Prepare
Start photographing your swapables. Because shipping money may be changing hands and we want to be as safe as possible, please include a note with your Blog Name (or whatever) and T, T & T September 2008 Swap HANDWRITTEN and visible in EACH swap picture. Photograph the stuff however you want, in a pile, styled, whatever, but pictures where people can actually see the stuff do better.

Some people are confused about the whole handwritten note business. This is what I mean:
I just want us all to have SOMETHING that proves these pictures are specifically for this swap and aren't just pulled randomly from somewhere. It doesn't need to be fancy or crisply clear.


Now on to my new stuffs!
Okay, I spent way too much money on this tote ($23.99 at Daffy's) but I love it so.

$2, $2, $2, $6.99 for the three-pack, $1, $0.75, $2, respectively! All from Filene's. I've worn both of the brown pairs and they're super comfy and awesome.

This is the all-you-can-stuff-in-a-bag loot. I ended up with two very stuffed bags, $20 total. Some of the stuff had stains, so I have to see about my cleaning skills or figure out how to recon them. (I'm not always a model shopper. Sometimes I get too excited by the shape of something and forget to check it over.)

That's all of the clothes. Not that it wasn't a ton and all. But I also went to a friend's very well-established book swap.
I left with those two suitcases carefully stuffed full of books and returned with what you see there and here:
Of course I'm excited about the books, but I'm superexcited about the sudden windfall that the TiVo equals. Now I don't need to get a new cable box for the living room. I can tell Amazon to just send things to my TiVo. I can't wait until this TiVo learns all about me and wants to be my best friend. So, I came home with a fair amount less than I went with. And that is good!

Don't worry, even with the books putting me ahead in the one-in-one-out rule, I still have a TON of clothing to swap!


  1. 1-How much do I love that bag? So much!

    2-I am in on the clothing swap:
    - thesasha at
    - 10 to 15 items for swap
    - you referred me ;)
    - Queens

  2. Love this idea. Count me in!

    -Flickr Name is triplyksis
    -I have no clue how many items I'm going to have, I'm going to have to go through my closet and see what I want to swap.
    -I'm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wish I was closer!

    Looks like you got loads of goodies! Jealous!

  3. Yay, I am so glad you guys are in. Adiel, I'm planning to post my pictures as a blog entry. Do you want to do the same, or just use the flickr?

    Also, everyone feel free to direct other people here if they'd be interested in joining the swap!

  4. Okay, here goes.

    not sure about # of items, but I will have clothes (mostly women's, but also whatever I can convince the BF to part with - he has too much stuff!!!), books, and other various stuffs...

    I'm in Park Slope and am most interested in a live swap, but I will ship for enthusiastic swappers.

  5. Awesome! I didn't know you had a blog, and I will now be reading it.

    I want to plan a meet-up for NYCers who have claimed items from other NYCers. Maybe we could also do a thing where, when someone claimed something from both of us, we could just ship it together in one package.

  6. I guess I could do it at my blog instead, that's a good idea so I guess I'll re-enter my info when I figure out how many items I have to swap.

    In response to your comments on my blog, the reason I'm having this nail polish problem is that I've recently decided I hate the upkeep of fake nails. I've worn them off and on for years, but lately they've been more hassle than they're worth. haha
    but thanks for the advice anyhow! :)

  7. So you know Madison is going to love your new bag!!!! I would do a cloting swap, but I have nothing to swap.... let me check it out and see what goes on in my closet and drawers!!!!

  8. NYC swap? how does this work? what are the guidelines for clothing? is anyone my size?

  9. Everyone, heads up, I updated the post with what I mean by handwritten note for anyone who was confused.

    HawkEye, the NYC meetup would primarily be to pick up anything claimed by other NYCers and deliver any of your stuff claimed by NYCers. If people are willing, we can bring any unclaimed items to give people a chance at a second look.

    There are no guidelines for the clothing. You can post anything you don't want and wouldn't be embarrassed to post. If an article has a stain on it and you're not embarrassed to see if someone wants it, post it. Just mention the stain. I've swapped a lot of things with imperfections in the past. Some people are really good at altering things and can do something with your messed up stuff.

    So far, I would guess the sizes range from XS to XL. I have stuff in quite a variety of sizes to unload. Basically, if you have stuff you don't want and you'd be happy to see someone else breathe new life into it, this is the place for you. Finding good things to claim for yourself is just an added bonus.

  10. You can use for free to swap online

    Jane x

  11. Thanks for the tip, but we want a more personal experience.

  12. I need to make with the photographs. I will use my flickr account, which, wtf is my ID on that thing? Heh. I should go look.

  13. So looks like I'm going to have 15 items. I thought I'd have more. I've uploaded the photos to flickr, but they're private as I haven't figured out how much they might cost to ship. I'm gonna have to try to figure that out in the next two days.
    I'll be posting the items on my blog,
    Sadly, I'm still in SLC, Utah. Sounds like I'm the only non-NY person. haha


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