Copy Cat Strut

In an effort to show that, yeah, I really do wear all this crap I acquire from all over and, yeah, you can get great finds that look good at great prices, I'm going to try to show more pictures of me in the things I find, all jumbled together the way I really wear them. These pictures will usually be in my apartment because I'm not schlepping my ginormous camera all around the city just to take pictures of myself. So, if you're wondering, "Is her place really THAT messy all the time?" the answer is "Yes." Our garbage is always full, our crap is always all over the place, we're always 20 loads behind on the laundry. Eric and I frequently think of our apartment as that place we use to get ready for all the stuff we're going to go do. Sometimes I try to make the place neater to keep other people from running away in terror but, well, that's not really how we live.

Anyway, here's me, in an outfit, in the entryway of my apartment:


The boy&girl necklace is a Target One Spot copy of a Patricia Field, $1.
The cardigan, inspired by Adiel (It's Because I Think Too Much), is a secondhand gift by Rena Lange, $0.
The polo-style shirt is actually Aeropostale (I can find something I'd wear in every store in the universe) hand-me-down from my sister, $0.
The shorts are the same ones pictured in Loehmann's Haul, Part 2, $13.49.
The shoes were a splurge at Love My Shoes, $25. (Way more than I would usually spend on one pair. And I loved them so much I bought them on clearance in black for $10.)

That's, count it, $39.49 for my whole outfit.


  1. But the look is priceless

  2. I love those shoes.... def. worth the $25.00 though!!!

  3. But how much did you spend on the awesome hair? =p

    Also, I am totally a fan of this feature-I assume Eric is our photographer? Or Arsenic?

  4. Haha, Sasha, I assume you're referring to the cut of the hair (which, for everyone else's info, was free!). The photographer here is, in fact, Eric, but I'll be busting out the tripod and hooking the camera up to the computer (that way I can see what's on frame on the screen) and doing it myself in the future. I think if either cat were a photographer, it would be Lace, because she has that snooty, condescending holy arty air about her.

    Thanks, Lara! I definitely wear them, so at least I don't have to stress that I WASTED the $25.

    Babe, you make me l.o.l.

  5. Ouch, officially kicked off of camera duty

    And I thought i was getting better

  6. You are. But I don't always want to wait until 10:00 at night to take the picture. I needz the daylight hours.

  7. Love love love this Ali! You look fab. I want that sweater and those shoes are so awesome. I love me some polka-dots!

    Big fan of this new feature, definitely keep it coming on!

  8. Thanks, Adiel.

    It was your suggestion and I'm loving it so far!

  9. Shoes = awesome, especially flattering of your legs. Also, I really dig that cardigan for you.

  10. Jesse, I am glad you like the cardigan and I hope Eric reads this because he made fun of me for wearing it. Also, thanks for the shoe love. Also, I kinda heart you for commenting on my fairly fashion oriented blog.

  11. This outfit is super cute! I can't carry off shorts like that.

  12. Thanks! When I was a teenager, I always wanted to wear high-waisted shorts but I had a total tiny teenager body and they looked ridiculous on me. I think it's a little bit about believing you can wear it, too.


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