Loehmann's Haul, Part 2

Okay, I finally went for the second knockdown mentioned in my first Loehmann's post. I went to "Emmons Avenue Loehmann's" and "New Hyde Park" Loehmann's. Yellow sticker items are 25 percent off and red sticker items are 50 percent off. Most of the R&J stuff I wanted was already gone, but there was plenty more to look at since the yellow sticker section was extensive. And here's muh haul (styled this time!):

Mix Nouveau patterned red dress, yellow-tagged $16.98 in Brooklyn.
I desperately wanted some great dresses that just need an accessory or two to be complete outfits for when I'm in a hurry and it's hot and I'm on the go. This dress and the next one are exactly the sort of dress I was looking for.

Mix Nouveau patterned black dress, yellow-tagged $16.98 in Brooklyn.
I especially love tie-backs this year because they're easy and I still get a nice silhouette.

Black Romeo & Juliet Couture dress, marked $23.98 in NHP.
This one was missing a button, but I loved the shape so much that I bought it anyway and put that pin in place of the missing button.

Blue Population coat, marked $44.98 in NHP.
Great over loli clothes, and I needed a jacket that wasn't winter weight or black.

Red Baby Tears shirt, marked $9.98 in NHP. Patterned Baby Tears skirt, marked $15.98 in NHP.
I would probably never wear these together, actually, because the skirt is simple enough colors that I can wear one of my zillion band shirts with it. And I need reasons to feel like I don't have too many. (Everyone needs 4 Social D shirts, right?)

L'ecole des Femmes blouse, marked $17.98 in NHP. L'ecole des Femme high-waisted shorts, marked $17.98 in NHP.
These I probably WOULD wear together. The shorts look weird on the dress form because, you know, dress forms have solid blocks of space where legs should start forming. But they're just regular, normal, high-waisted shorts. I love when things look better on me than on my perfectly-sized dress form.


  1. You always find the best buys. It must be easy with 2 hands to shop with

  2. Can I hire you as my personal stylist/shopper?

  3. Great finds! There is a lot of fantastic stuff on here! The dresses are great, I love the yellow shoes and the blue coat, and those shorts are lovely! You should probably post photos of you wearing them though... ;)

  4. @Eric: Of course, I have commented before how much easier it is now that you shop with me.

    @Miche: You always look great; you don't need a stylist. I am an excellent shopping buddy, though!

    @Adiel: Yeah, I think shots of my clothing on me would be way preferable, but Eric is terrible at framing shots and my cramped apartment makes it difficult to get my tripod situated to do it myself. And none of my friends like to play dress up like I do, ha. We need to move closer to each other!

  5. I *so* need to go shopping with you, then. Shopping trip!

  6. wait a second, I am not terrible, i just am ignorant of a good shot, but if you help me out, i will be happy to take pictures


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