So, That Crazy Sale...

The one with the sink.

The homeowners had recently done many repairs to their home, only to find it was structurally unsound and that they had to start over from scratch. So beautiful pedestal sinks, brand new boilers, all had to go.

But. Here's the thing that makes sales go poorly. Homeowners who stay in the thick of things, hassling us and the customers alike. They make certain customers, shall we say, itchy. Others see them as marks. Either way, they rarely add anything to the sale and usually freak out and detract from it. They have no idea what their things are worth. That's why they've hired us. The actual day of the sale is the time to get the hell out from under everyone's feet. So these people were busy freaking out about how low some prices were and freaking out about how we weren't getting rid of enough crap.

No one wants your crap, guys. If you're having a sale, it's to use the money from selling your valuable things to cover the cost of removing your crap. Yes, the house needs to look full of crap for a sale to be successful, but that doesn't mean people will actually buy all of your crap. If you'd mind your own business, you might be surprised how much crap people actually *will* buy, but there will still be tons of crap left over. Go out for a trip to the wineries and keep your cell phone close in case we actually DO need you.

Some people simply aren't candidates for sales. These people should not have had a sale, but it's difficult to tell that sort of thing when a sale gets scheduled the same week Ronnie meets the people. Ronnie was with them on pick-up day to make sure everything went smoothly (something we typically leave to the homeowner with the reminder they can call if there's trouble) and they were nothing but negative and harrowing.

Also, I worked in the basement, which kills my sinuses in the cleanest of homes.

Here's my ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy sale experience:


Hmm.. what's in those?


I have to say those Double C's feel like air. Glamorous, glamorous air. And the Ray Bans are actually only mildly scratched. You know how flash fucks shit up.


  1. Some people, huh?

    Nice sunnies! :)

  2. Yeah, seriously.

    Thank you! I've never been so happy to have the sun out.

  3. Those Chanel's are lovely.


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