Peculiar Customers

Almost everyone who comes to our sales is, in some capacity, made of crazy. At the sale in Malverne, we let a little boy use the bathroom. (We almost never let people use the bathrooms because the homeowners leave their personal things and we leave our purses in there.) We made an exception because they're a reasonably polite family and they tend to drop a lot of cash consistently. I went to the bathroom after him and I was so impressed that, even though he went to the bathroom alone, he put the seat back down and everything.

Until I sat on it, guys.

That's right. I sat on a toilet full of some kid's pee because he didn't put the seat UP in the first place. You know that grossed out feeling? When you're not even thinking and not careful and you step full on in some still wet dog poop? Yeah, I *still* have that feeling. Anyway, I didn't say anything because, you know, they're pretty polite and spend good money.

This past weekend we did a two-day sale. We almost never do a two-day sale. Here's what happens at a two-day sale most of the time: We sell ten grand the first day and slave away to get 400 the second day. I don't have stats or research on this because it's a difficult thing to compare, but I'd predict that, if this fictitious two-day sale had been a one-day sale, we'd have done 12 thou.

Here's why. All we hear all day long on the first day is "$42? That's ridiculous. I'll come back tomorrow." And all we hear all day long on the second day is "$20? That's ridiculous. It's the second day of the sale. You're going to have to throw everything away at that price."

When we have one-day sales that might technically have enough stuff for a two-day sale, people are in a frenzy to get everything they need and they don't make ridiculous low-ball offers because there's someone waiting right behind them to take what they don't want.

Anyway, this sale was an exception. There really was enough for a two-day sale and we made enough on the second day that it wasn't a complete waste of time. (For comparison, we still made about one-quarter the amount we made on the first day.)

But two-day sales still bring in the peculiar people with nonsensical bargaining tactics. This one woman went through all the children's clothing (all of which was BNWT because the homeowner manufactured children's clothing) which I previously told her was a non-negotiable $6 per piece unless she got at least ten pieces. She found three pieces, tried to bargain them down to $2 per piece (the homeowner had an absolute bottom price of $4 per piece) and threw them on the floor right where we were standing and stomped out.

Do we discriminate against unpleasant people? Why, yes, we do. Something like 30% of the time people like that woman come back and try to buy the thing they just threw on the floor. Could she have bargained me down to $4 if she had done it pleasantly? Quite probably, yes. Now that woman came back and had to pay $6 per piece and only ended up taking two of them. She could have had that third piece for the same price with a little decency.

One of our regulars moved to Florida and flew back for a few sales and is now moving back to NY. This guy we're really happy to see again. He's a jeweler and he'll be honest with us about what pieces are real when we can't find markings on them. He also pays very fair prices (I'm sure he sells in the city and still makes an insane profit, but that's how the game goes) and negotiates pleasantly. But, yeah, you have to be a pretty nutty tag sale addict to move back to NY to keep coming to them. (The Florida scene is pretty much all yard/garage sales.)

Anyway. I bought a neat necklace.

And a cake knife for my wedding.

And a zillion blank Hanes shirts in a variety of colors. Recons, here I come.

And (you may have noticed) I've been MIA due to a need to watch the entire series (so far) of One Tree Hill and due to the cutest kitty ever, of whom you can view pictures at My Personal Journal. You know you love cute kitties. Here's a sneak peek of her with her tough kitty face on.


  1. *melt* I want to kidnap your kitty!

  2. I want to kidnap her, too! She doesn't actually live with me, but with my best friend. Suddenly 20 minutes away is just too far. :)

    I keep her company during the day sometimes. She really is The Cutest Thing Ever.

  3. and before the kid went in the bathroom, he didnt knock and just opened the door, while i was using the room

  4. Haha, yes! I forgot about that!

  5. Ugh, that is so nasty about that kid. Yuck!

    Love the necklace!

    I need to watch One Tree Hill from start to finish one day. I've missed a LOT of episodes throughout the years.

    I love you kitty. You're lucky she lives so far away and that I'm allergic or else I'd totally steal her away.

  6. It still makes me shudder a little when I think about that moment of contact with the pee.

    Watching OTH from start to finish is a big project (as I can attest). But if you can devote a week to doing little else, DO IT!! You, me and Kristina can squee over it together (and maybe have some serious philosophical dialog about it, too).

    Isn't Shea the best? I have two in-house cats and boy do they look ginormous in comparison with Shea. She's hardcore teething right now, so be glad you live too far away for bitesings.


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