I'm missing our sale this weekend to go on vacation with my sister (The SeesterMonster) in Destin. I'm MISSING another sale, guys. It's a good thing this vacation involves SM, frozen margaritas and plenty of time for book reading (and possibly tattoos from my friend!) because I'm really not sure I can cope with missing a sale this big.

Luckily (and unluckily) I went on the setup appointment with Ronnie so I got the chance to see what I'll be missing. What I'll be missing is a crazygood sale. The clothing room is Ali Heaven. There's Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Escada (the good, trendy patterns, not the dated stuff), Badgley Mishka (WANT!), Alexander McQueen (the most divine blazer I've ever seen; thankfully not in my size), Ralph Lauren Blue, Moschino, Krizia, Searle, Dolce y Gabbana, Prada, Armani. The list goes on and it's all cute stuff. (Incidentally, you should definitely go if you can get anywhere near Great Neck. There's a crap-ton of awesome stuff that isn't clothing, too. Nice Lalique, stuff like that. Really gorgeous deco to 50s era stuff. We're the sale with the 14K heading.)

I'll be calling over all day to see how it's going. The lady for whom we're doing the sale is really great, too. Buy her stuff. ;)

So. Free things are awesome. Last weekend I got gorgeous free jewelry in exchange for my makeup, modeling and photography services (this was a very casual shoot, obviously). I'll take pictures of the stuff sometime soon to show it off, but you can view some of the jeweler's stuff here: QOTCP. This is one of my favorite ways to get free things because I got the jewelry in exchange for something I'd do for free.

Have an awesome project coming up. Taking our consignment stuff to Teh Internetz. Will pimp it here like woah, but, in the meantime, anyone have suggestions for good, no-fee places to post clothes? So far, I'm considering craigslist and LJ (hfs, punkmart, maybe some others depending on the items), but I'd love to hear what places you guys use to look for or sell stuff with no fee.

And if I don't post or comment all week, it's because I have no internet. Help!


  1. Do we get to see the pictures from said photoshoot? ;) puh-puh-puh-lease!

  2. Totally, as soon as they're available. You can see a few of them here, but this isn't all of them. The only ones I ended up doing makeup on are my own and the only ones I ended up doing fotog on are QOTCPcf's. I'll do some formal pimping when they're released post Photoshop or when I take some of my own again.

  3. PS: This was all done on a P&S with like 3MPs!


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