Missing Sales = Death

So I have nothing to report about the actual sale we had this weekend (on Bayside Drive, in Great Neck) because I wasn't there.

Missing a sale fills me with a sense of "oh noes" and desperate second-guessing of all the good stuff I probably missed. Remember that episode of Growing Pains where Chrissy is sure she's missing all kinds of The Best Things Ever because she goes to sleep before everyone else? And it turns out all The Best Things Ever happen that one night she gets to stay up? Yeah, that's exactly what it feels like. You don't have to be a TV-obsessed freak who's seen every episode of Growing Pains to know what I'm talking about. But it helps.

Anyway, I was busy hosting my friend's picnic birthday party in Battery Park. It was weird for all of us former Stuyvies reuniting with the neighborhood after so long away. The park's still beautiful, Stuy's still standing, there's still birds and bees and friendly park staff and lots of wealthy people. But. Everything has changed. Practically the only store that's still there is McDonald's and even that's different. (They expanded into the store next to them to make a Giant McDonald's.) It was really painful to see, but at least life is still being injected into the area. Right?

Anyway, even though it has nothing to do with tag sales, maybe I will post pictures after I get them developed, to show myself that I missed a tag sale for something fun and happy.

Eric knew I'd be fiending, though, so he got me presents!

Check out this totally unconsciously steampunk time brooch:


Excuse the bad focusing, I was feeling rabid about getting the picture taken and uploaded.

And this totally awesome silver bow tie necklace (brilliantly offset by my green hair):


It reminds me of when Eric and I first met and I wore a bow tie much of the time. This was before I was ever addicted to tag sales. Ah, youth. ;)


  1. I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this past weekend, your hair kind of reminds me of that movie.

  2. Haha, I have to admit that I have similar cut, thickness and kinkiness to her hair in that movie. I keep the hair exclusively in the green family for now, but I'm going bright red to match my wedding colors in October. That movie lives on my TiVo permanently.

  3. I love that bow tie necklace!

  4. I knew you would. It's so the intersection of our styles!


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