Getting Addicted to Bargains and Bargaining

It's bound to happen when you start going to too many tag sales. A price is too good to pass up and, no matter how much your fiance will kill you for buying more Things You Can't Fit In Your Apartment, you snatch up that bargain and run gleefully to the hills with glassy eyes and foam coming out of your mouth.

I'm pretty much case in point. See: The Closet That Ate My Room in my old apartment. This clothing wasn't all from tag sales (though plenty of it was): it was from Everywhere and Anywhere. I started trying to get the Closet Monster under control at my new place. After I did (the best I could), I took this tally:

39 folded boy beaters
29 folded short-sleeved shirts
25 folded sleeveless/shell shirts
26 folded camisole shirts
47 folded long-sleeved shirts

57 folded slutty ho shirts
56 bras
89 non-band t-shirts
78 band t-shirts

148 pairs of panties
80 folded pairs of pants
23 folded pairs of short pants
12 folded pairs of booty shorts
2 folded pairs of shorts

3 pieces of lingerie

75 matched pairs of socks
36 matched pairs of knee-high socks
87 pairs of tights
20 pairs of footless tights
11 pairs of leg warmers
44 pairs of knee/thigh-highs

44 pairs of gloves/arm warmers
1 mitt
4 hats
2 collars

This is, of course, before I got bored. I never got around to counting any of the clothing I have hanging (I have three fairly large closets and a freestanding rack), any of what was in the laundry, any of my shoes, bags and hats or any of the things I hadn't unpacked.

So I'm not really better yet.

But having too much stuff has still made me pickier (read: cheaper) about my purchases. I only want the Real Bargains. So you'll understand why I absolutely positively could not resist buying this the minute I found it:


Only $68 shipped at Onlymannequins, guys. Do you have any idea how much mannequins usually cost, even secondhand? A lot more than $68.


  1. You crack me up woman.
    I loved the category of slutty ho tops!

  2. i agree with adiel, slutty ho is the way to go!

  3. LOL. You're what's known as biased.


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